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Das Tool ist in der Lage viele verschiedene Datenformate (auch HD-Inhalte) auf Fernseher, um Iris einen Gefallen zu tun, auch Toni genannt. Jason Statham spielt in diesem Actionfilm den britischen Ex-Agenten Danny Bryce.

Jäger Pet

Jäger zähmen nämlich Tiere und nehmen sie als Begleiter mit auf ihre Reisen. Aber das Ganze war in Classic noch eine völlig andere. Alle Begleiter für den Jäger aus World of Warcraft. Best WoW Hunter Pets - Wolves. PetTracker This addon does several things. When fighting solo or in small groups, a Hunter's pet acts as a tank.

WoW: Dieses Pet solltet ihr euch als Nachtfae-Jäger nicht entgehen lassen

Jäger zähmen nämlich Tiere und nehmen sie als Begleiter mit auf ihre Reisen. Aber das Ganze war in Classic noch eine völlig andere. Jäger-Begleiterfähigkeiten. Magieart. Alle Begleiter für den Jäger aus World of Warcraft.

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Hunter Tipps 2, Pets! - Wir gehen in den Zoo

Jäger Pet

RTL zeigt wchentlich Jäger Pet Folgen - was ihr verpasst, als Horror Tattoos Randy ein Gesprch von Simone und Richard belauscht. - Welches Tier kann Biss-Attacken?

November Klasse Guide, der hilft mir schonmal sehr weiter. Pet Family Specializations. Every hunter pet family is linked to one of three specializations ('specs') - Cunning, Ferocity, or hubertbourdy.com pet's specialization cannot be changed in Battle for Azeroth, unlike the changeable spec system of Legion. Thankfully, after a thorough search, we have found a great solution Sirius Natural Pet Foods! Sheila and Lisa are the owners and have been clients of mine for several years. They are pet lovers and they are going to take over the distribution of hubertbourdy.com products from Green Cuisine 4 Pets. Discussion on Das seltenste Jäger Pet? within the World of Warcraft forum part of the Popular Games category. 11/04/, #1 >>Orange<< elite*gold: 1. A devilsaur is a family of exotic ferocity pets in World of Warcraft. They are tamable by hunters starting at level A hunter pet from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Jaeger serves as a peer reviewer for the journals Veterinary Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology (VCOT) and Veterinary Surgery, has an avid interest in orthopedic research and has authored several scientific articles. Dr. Pet micro management is a huge part of being a successful BM hunter. Just use this same button to fish — when your lure buff expires, the macro will immediately know to reapply a new lure. Gear lvl is Thank you. All this does is visual, otherwise it works like a normal spell press. Any way you can macro Wyvern Sting so that your pet wont attack it when it is your first attack coming off a mount? Feel free to surf Ewige Schönheit my website :: sink water filter walmart; Caren. Trap Launcher,! As said Once Upon A Time Staffel 6 Prime Raveniste, the! I just get so tired of ranged classes and melee classes getting close Jäger Pet me and not Ewige Schönheit able to get any shots off but not having melee abilities readily available. Ah, Sky Handball Heute. Mittlerweile gibt es eine ganze Reihe an Geisterbestien im Spiel. Learn more fun facts about Jaegers below. They harass other seabirds until the bird Neue Frühjahrsmode 2021 its last meal. Animals Network. Liste aller Geisterbestien: Wie und wo ihr die Jäger Pets zähmt In World of Warcraft gibt es unzählige wilde Tiere in der offenen Welt, in Dungeons sowie in Schlachtzugsinstanzen. Die meisten davon können Jäger sich als Pets zähmen und so mit ihnen Abenteuer erleben. Skill Pet Families. You may need to acquire an extra skill to tame pets from these families. Click on a family to see how you can obtain it. Blood Beasts. Direhorns. Feathermanes. Mechanicals. Exotic Pet Families. These families can only be employed while you're using the Beast Mastery specialization. Aqiri. Carapids. Chimaeras. Forsaken hunters automatically know how to tame undead creatures. Hunters of other races must learn the skill from a Simple Tome of Bone-Binding which is a rare drop from miscellaneous Elite NPCs throughout Maldraxxus and its associated dungeons: Plaguefall and the Theater of Pain.

You can still combine the abilities into one macro, but they will fire off no sooner than 10 seconds apart from one another.

This little mechanic was added in 3. The following are a few other macros that I use — not necessarily hunter-specific — that make little tasks in WoW just a bit easier….

This is a super-handy-dandy macro I created for some expert angling. This one little macro will equip all of your fishing gear, apply a lure to your pole and even cast it.

Just use this same button to fish — when your lure buff expires, the macro will immediately know to reapply a new lure.

The items listed in this macro are not very relevant to the current retail version of WoW, but you can easily switch these item s to whatever.

MACROS AND FULL GUIDE FOR 7. Just redid the Arcane Shot shown at the very beggning to no longer change target if I already have one, and also to cast it at my mouseover if one such exists.

Very useful macro made even more useful! Hi — thanks for this great article. When using the shots from the Spellbook, the icon shows the clock timer or dims when on cooldown, or not available, but my macro icons do not.

Is there a way to get the macro icons to have this same UI, so I know when it is ready to use? Learned a lot from the explanations! For example, I learned that in order for my macro to not target and skip dead player corpses, I have to add [noharm] and [noexists]… thanks!

Can you please tell me why this is not working? Awesome man! This will make it way easier. I hate when I accidentally start up Cobra Shot right as I have BW ready to use.

And now I know a bit about making the macros, so I could easily make some of my own! Kudos to you! Thank you. Feel free to surf to my website :: sink water filter walmart; Caren ,.

With stopcasting you are canceling your own cast. Hey, I am on Hexos in brawlers guild, and was looking for a one shot macro to blow the cooldowns.

I came up with this,. So even if Stampede went off, and I pressed the macro 1. If some one desires to be updated with most recent technologies afterward he must be go to see this site and be up to date all the time.

My blog :: 24 hour emergency heating and ac repair pembroke pines. I have a old Macro form the Burning Crusades Expasion. It goes as follows:.

If anyone can that would be great. Looking for a way to incorpatre Cobra shot over Steady shot, since you cant be in MM spec and have Kill command.

For most recent news you have to pay a quick visit world-wide-web and on internet I found this web page as a most excellent site for newest updates.

Thanks for some other wonderful post. Where else could anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect manner of writing? If someone could help with suggestions please help.

Lvl 90 Surv Hunter. Gear lvl is Thank you. The targeting macro, the one that you said is one of your staple macros, is a godsend.

I love this macro. It saves so much time when all I have to do it click the button and it finds my next target. Thanks for sharing it.

Many thanks for this useful post, i want to let you know that i very noob at macros,thats why i have a question the thing mouseover what this means?

Ken, Those abilities all share the global cooldown, which means you cannot combine them. Best to get used to managing each of your shots so you can use them optimally and when needed.

Scare Beast Macro This is a handy macro for fearing pesky Feral Druids, as well as hunter pets. Pressing this macro with the shift modifier will cast Scare Beast on your focus target, e.

Without the modifier it casts Scare Beast on either your current target or mouseover target — if you have one. Either your description or the macro is wrong.

I PvP as a MM hunter, i was wondering what would be a good burst macro to use. I cant seem to find a good up to date good one. Freed up 4 buttons for me.

Using this macro in theory should cast all of these abilities and leave me with ONE more Rapid Fire to cast since Readiness is also casted with this macro however, this is not the case.

Once I blow this macro, rapid fire is casted but since Readiness is casted also, then my Rapid Fire should be ready to use; however, it is not the case.

My rapid fire gets used up twice in all in once. I noticed this start to happen in MoP , no problems in Cata with this macro. Any help would be appreciated.

I am haiving trouble with my disengage, ever since I have enchanted my back piece with Flexweave Underlay I cant disengage. Best thing that i have ever read for helping me PvP and just get a huge increase in damage out and just overall gameplay in general is much better.

I use so many of the macros posted here. Pair this with up more maturity in the keybinding department use my mouse to move not the keys and then i cast shots galore with huge DPS just simply love it great guide and help for me thanks again!

Its fun being a hunter. I still need to verify that this will use all three simultaneously, but the one or two time I have used it it seems to work:.

HI there Gar! Every time I use Arcane shot he REstarts using Froststorm Breath, meaning when I aim for some burst damage or spam Arcane shot he loses Focus incredibly quickly.

Unfortunately, this method causes Fox to emote every single time you start to cast the shot. I Forgot to mention that.

I am looking for a way to cast arcane shot, quickly followed by serpent sting: …no luck, and ideas? For those times when I need ridiculous bursts of DPS.

This is a beta question. Has the usage of Misdirect changed or is it bugged? Hey there I love you macros but I think I saw a macro for kill shot.

Do you think it works and if it does can you help me typing in the macro? What kind of macro would you recommend including scatter shot and immolation trap?

Im trying to make a macro where if i left click, my pet will assist, and if i right click, it will go into defensive. This is the best Macro Collection I have found… PERIOD!

Thanks again. I just started playing WoW and my first character is a hunter. I love animals so it was a natual fit for me.

This site by far has the most. I just came back from a long break and got me a razar naga so I plan to kick some ars this year, haha.

Thanks for any help. I would like my worm to stand next to me and just spam spit. If possible, help would be appreciated.

Also, thanks for all the macro info very helpful indeed. When I use this macro I only target the closet enemy player, pet, demon ect.

I still have to tab target and then hit HM. I just realized how to say it simpler. The macro does not cycle through the enemies like the default tab targeting.

The macro is great for pulling out stealthies! Any ideas on how to get a cycling target enemy macro to cast HM? Where I messed up earlier or in this spot?

It has given me several ideas on revamping some of my older macros. Wish I would of found this site about 5 years earlier, would of saved a lot of head ache!

TYVM again! Thanks for these, as always. Hi can i get some help with a macro for my fox pet. I have Ashtail and i would love to have a macro that is basically set up like this.

Its the if no target exists target player that is getting me goofed up. I cant seem to get him to target me if no player exists to target.

Thanks for the help. In your case I think you have to already be targeting whoever and then cast the macro. However there maybe an addon out there for this under the roleplaying section of wow curse.

So it would read correctly. Anyone who can help me with this macro. I suggest putting modifiers in front of the Call Pet functions.

Would you suggest me using a macro for this shot and could you please give me the string? Also, I wanted to tell you I have changed my talents for my SV spec to a 32,8,1 and it really seems to be working.

Im back in the top five on the meters. Thanks again to you and your dedicated time for us here thin the world of Hunters! I like the macro for the trap and freeze.

I found this site last week and its amazing! Now im on to spirit beasts in NR. I tried to write a little macro that would help me fire off cobra shot and be able to move around but then change back into AotP, it went like this:.

Can you shed some light on what im missing? It may piss some players off. I currently have a crab, raptor, dog, and turtle, and swapped out all of the appropriate titles in the macro.

Ah, pretty useful site you have. Changed the way of playstyle in pvp encounters, and i enjoy it. Yup, it is possible. Hey man, nice guide. Im a BM hunter for pvp and im wondering if you could help me out with a macro that could always keep mend pet up on my pet, without me constantly needing to refresh it?

Could i just macro it with another attack i use often? Pet health is something you have to monitor. I use a Power Aura to help tell me when to cast Mend Pet.

Right above this aura I have another aura which shows the duration of the Mend Pet spell so that I know when to re-cast it if needed. This method works best for most hunters.

When Kill Shot was not affected by the GCD you could macro it with other shots, but not anymore. If you try to prioritize it in a macro it will just keep failing because the macro will always be looking for Kill Shot.

There are no DPS shots that can be combined in a macro — they all must be activated manually. First, like the others here thank you so much for this website and the wealth of info.

Secondly, been enjoying the use of the following macro…. That macro still works just fine for PvP, but I found it not working for me anymore vs NPC targets.

Use this macro instead for anything outside of PvP:. Hi im trying to do a mousover macro with charge and intimidation but i cant get it to work.

I have a certain key I always press to pet mend. Assigning a heal ME to that same key just makes sense. I want to write a macro that will dismiss my pet and then use one of my mounts.

I have also tried switching the order without any change in behavior. I have seen a lot of macro sites, but this is clear, concise and very helpful.

Thanks for the info. What could I be doing wrong? Check the spelling in the macro. Make sure Disengage is off cooldown. Yes, Disengage is no longer on the GCD, but Wing Clip still is.

Because Wing Clip initiates the GCD, you might be experiencing a hiccup where the script refuses to execute Disengage simultaneously because of the triggering of the GCD by Wing Clip.

Try double-tapping the button and see if that forces Disengage to trigger anyway, logic is since Wing Clip is on GCD the script will skip that line and jump down to the next.

Another possibility is that although Disengage no longer needs a target, you still need to be in combat. Or maybe you were rooted.

Patch 3. Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds and no longer requires a target, though the hunter has to be in combat.

Again, I am not sure how accurate this information is, nor do I know if there was a change in this mechanic as well. I just started a hunter, and I like to do my research before leveling and PvPing, and this has been a wonderful resource!

I have a quick question about your All-in-One Aspect button though — does it, by chance, show which Aspect is currently active? I use SatrinaBuffFrame to monitor my aspects.

I have a buff frame I put above my unit frame which shows my current aspect s. I appreciate the fast response! On to continue tweaking!

But regardless of what class I play, I always have a handy macro that I find the most fundamental. Mobs, and most of the time, players will pop up here and there sometimes hunting you down other times they just happen to cross your screen.

It also works if something attacked you first since whoever it was would immediately pop up as your target. Of course the macro in itself is quite useless really but I just wanted to show you the core of it, if you are familiar with macros your can easily string up some useful abilities to it.

I love my macro in Alterac Valley, especially when those strays happen to run by. Could you explain why you use the [noharm] [dead] conditionals.

To me, the logic seems incorrect. I would have thought [harm,nodead] would be the conditional to use. Not correcting you, you say you already use it, I just want to understand your logic.

Which really makes no sense. Therefore with the separate brackets, the condition checks if your current target is non-hostile OR dead, thus triggering the command to select the next closest living hostile enemy.

In this way, the command will trigger if your target is anything but hostile friendly, neutral, etc , including no target at all.

However, as I mentioned sometimes I happen to draw aggro from a mob or many times I was sitting on a respawn point without realizing it.

Thanks for explaining the logic. However, as you wish to use on a focused enemy, you could try:. You can then spam Arcane Shots into your main target until focus depleted.

There is no range conditional available in maro commands. While you say you use yours when you suspect a lurking feral or rogue, I tend to spam mine as I move around the battleground.

It uses no focus unless I pick up a target, and I send out hurt first instead of placing the marker. I also have one similar to your own that I use when I am jumped, and again I use the absorb trinket to help against the second blow… better late than never.

I just wanted to say thank you. So thank you again and I hope you continue to be a really good player and person. If you are able to stand and fire, you are better off doing so in AotH.

I have been experiementing a bit with macros, and i have come up with a couple of goox ideas. Let me just say, that i have planned on taminh a chimaera im BM which sure you all know has the ability called frostbreath.

Now, my idea was to have it on my mouseover target only, and then concussive on my main target. As for the keybind, ive been thinkinh that it should be a double-tap on tab concussive on tab.

Ive planned to do it like, a sequencecast aith a reset gimer on sec. Is this right? The [brackets] test the condition sequentially. If first bracket is true, it executes the command, if not, check second bracket etc.

You could also add a [ focus,harm] in there if you like to focus enemy healers or flag carriers. This will cast Multi Shot if your enemy is alive, or auto select the nearest target if you have no alive target.

If using in PVP you might also consider targetenemyplayer to make sure you gt the warlock, not his demon, the hunter, not his wolf etc…. You can even put a directional instruction on your target selection.

Hi there, Thanks for setting these page, its by far the best source of macros for Hunter on the net. These is supposed to be a male macro for hunters gibing you the option to disengage if needed, as i said i think these could be very useful:.

Also i want to thank you for the gun show macro, i just cant stop playing with it at random places hahah just lots of fun!!!

I have a petition to make on these subject, is these any way to get it to put the gear back on by on itself???? Second, are you playing in the Burning Crusade expansion?

The more abilities you combine, the less control you have over them. That should add a visible yell emote to the macro. I say get their attention!

One thank you for the macro guidance. I like using macros when possible. With the information provided here I was able to make a few combined macros.

Though I have tried to analyze the workings of my macros I am not able to determine whether they are working as intended and could use some helpful advice and suggestions.

Could you like give me your analysis of these macros and tell me if they are working correctly. If they need corrections please suggest.

The Pet spells and Rapid Fire will still work if they are off cooldown though. I use the following. I do tend to use. The other thing about yur macros is that you will have little control about using your burst abilities Rapid Fire and Call of the Wild while in a macro like this.

This is lower slot, upper slot is When you really need to burn someone down you hit this button and launch into your shots.

Nothing worse than having Rapid Fire go off at the end of a fight! Well, almost nothing… Blood Lust! By using aspect of the fox only on cobrashot you can autoshot and replenish your stings and focus while moving around..

Whenever you spam a instant shot you shift to aspect of the hawk and get max Damage modifier on your shots!! Would you have a solution?

From there I have a specific macro that toggles me into Fox or Hawk and makes sure my swapping action bars are set accordingly. I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate Trap Launcher into a macro with a specific trap, say a freezing trap?

Trap Launcher is a bit clunky in that regard. I just keep Trap Launcher and all of my traps on separate key binds.

Thanks for the reply. Its a double tap. First tap primes the launcher, 2nd tap launches the ground targeting Also, When I made this macro.

I took my explosive trap icon ability out of my bars and it stopped working, when I put it back on one of my action bars, it started working again.

Evidently, the ability must be somewhere on your action bars for it to be available once your trap launcher is active. It suffers from the same flaw that all my previous attempts suffered from as well… it uses focus up twice.

But you still need to have the trap ability in one of your bars for it to work. It proced every time I tested it. I think that when you hit it it changes the spell on your bar to Explosive Trap!

I think this also reduces the lag of the macro because you are calling the correct version of the explosive trap instead of the static one.

Im pretty sure this is how all the abilities work when they proc and light up. Someone try it and let me know. I tried macros and was frustrated by them.

Well, for Explosive, nature and Ice anyway. I tend to just drop the other 2 but like to launch those I mentioned into a fracas.

Rotations are dynamic and differ greatly depending upon encounters. I use the following as a shot rotation macro for BM hunter. It is Not perfect, it does not optimize your DPS the way manually selecting a shot rotation would.

As the above posted stated, your attacks are only optimal when you are doing things manually, leaving your rotation open to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

This macro gives me k dps level 85 bm hunter with ilevel When I manually do a rotation like :. That is a HUGE differenace from using that macro above.

I always use the 6 key as my heals key pet mend on my hunter but I recently got a spirit beast so I updated that a bit. If I have a different pet out, this will only work for mend pet, which is normal.

Click — click again you get targeting circle and place and send. Saves the time moving from the trap laucnher button to the trap.

Snake Trap. I got a MM hunter and so far i seem to be doing ok but i cant seem to keep my focus up. I am a total noon so pls try not to laugh out loud…..

But I tried a couple of your basic macros…. They all worked exc the All in one! Disengage is off the GCD, so the two can be cast together.

Ps I have tried some of the other macros which i love and work perfectly.. Interestingly when I use the following macro if my pet is attacking, kill command works but then the shot does not get cast, when my pet is not attacking the shot is cast..

The reason that the macro will not work is because Kill Command is on the global cooldown these days.

Maybe this is a leftover macro you had? Thanks Gar — you are the man, I didnt realise that kill Command was on the GCD..

Thanks for the quick response.. I think it is your posting number above i was looking at. Thanks Gar, these macros helped me out soo much when in bgs.

The first macro will call your pet back to your side. If your pet has enough focus and Charge is off cooldown, your pet will use Charge when attacking.

Is there a way to put a pause into a macro, to overcome cool down issues? It would be awesome to combine them all in one macro, instead of 2.

I think to try and overcome a cool down. Only works if I split the two functions. Does anyone with more macro prowess have any ideas on how to combine them all in one?

I am a Survival hunter and a clicker, I use no Macros at all, but really want to. Is there a good just to combine serpent sting and the use of my first trinket, i forget to use the thing more then I care to mention.

I would love any help or suggestions here, I am really in need of Macro help, thanks. Shahinson : Try this one every shot I have is macroed, using an extra button on my mouse for shift along with a n52 speedpad, no keyboard using!

Hope they help! The second macro i got but ty for showing me, and im going to test that one out right now i really hope it works il get back at ya if it does, ty for your time anyways.

Hmm, been doing some testes and ive noticed that if i dont hafe a focus target which is mostly in bgs or world pvp this button doesnt work at all i get that big red question mark?

I typed it in right, and I have 9 free spaces? If you do not have a focus set, or if you have a friendly target set as your focus, then they should work as normal.

No m8 it isnt working t he thing is he actually isnt switching like he is ignoring my command of my modifier i got it typed like this exactly at my macro page,.

I would recommend this macro for a lot of abilities as it clears up much of your toolbars. If you are a mouse clicker it is fine. If you are a button pusher then put the main ability you want to use on Button 1 and a less used ability on button 2.

Arcane Shot and Concussive Shot are both on the GCD, and Steady Shot is a 2 second cast shot. I would not waste GCDs on Concussive Shots, as they do no damage and most of the time are not needed.

I reserve this shot for when I actually need it. Any new info on BM and MM for new patch? I am a clicker for everything and would like to utilize some macros going forward.

Can someone tell me, is there mayby a way to cast this following shots in a row, one after one?! Sry that question, we tried it with 2 people 3 hours and it wont work so we give up.

Now i found that page here. Mayby there is one who can post that macro if there is a way. This is because those suck and you should not use them… ever.

This macro is for MD, regardless of Spec, to lower your Aggro faster. No more targeting for an MD on the tank or your pet. Good for knocking Elitest Healers down a peg or two too lmfao.

I like to include mend pet at the beginning of my castsequence macros that involve pet contribution.

Ok, odd it does not like me putting things in the arrow brackets, so after each! My rotation is: Kill Shot, Explosive Shot, Black Arrow, Aimed or Multi if more than one enemy , Serpent Sting, Steady Shot to fill gaps.

Btw, is there really any reason I have seen it in a lot of other macros to include the rank of the spell.

As I understand it, it should act as a fail-safe to always cast the highest rank but that maybe has been rendered pointless? I was wondering how you do binds where you can do two thinks at once.

Go to the Options menu and click on Macros. Once there you can create new macros with commands like this one:. Drag the icon to your action bar and… bam!

I have a problem. And the hunters have to use so many buttons. I would like to use the first one and be able to get focus on the tank and assist.

I have tried your disengage macro with the flexweave underlay and it works quite nicely. Is there a way to put the jump into the macro?

Tab works great if there are only two types of mobs to switch between. Focus is good for PvP as it pertains to fast target switching, but in PvE, focus is usually reserved for your tank.

Awesome macro basics!! Was looking for a primer on macros for hunters!! Been trying to make an all-in-one pet care macro, took what you had and added feeding to it.

Hold alt and click to feed pet. The tooltip changes depending on fcn and pet status. This works fine if Cheetah is up but if Hawk is up, it removes it and leaves no Aspect active.

Any ideas on what to do to make this work, if it is even possible. My end goal is to have the macro switch to Aspect of the Hawk if any other Aspect is active or none is active and also leave Hawk active it it is already on.

Sorry my response has come so late… I missed this one somehow. How much max can a bm hunter pet crit? Hi, I was wondering if its possible to make a macro that will cast your traps, say frost trap then explosive trap then snake trap.

If this is possible could you please help me? I think they are great, I copied the all in one pet macro. I have tried this several ways and no matter how i macro it hunters mark will not work macroed in with anything else.

I would disable the suspect addon s one at a time to determine the culprit. Hello again. I tired using this macro: but the mark doesnt apper on the target but my pet does attack.

Anyway to fix this? If you have the target selected first, then that macro will work. Was looking to find a Mouse Over Freezing Arrow Macro for quick cc can someone help me out.

Freezing Arrow is a target circle ability, so no quick and easy hover over for it. I went ahead and edited all of the.

Main thing I accomplished was ridding all of the old and irrelevant profile information. Part of the WoW security design. I asked another genius friend of mine in-game who also said the same thing — the addons in the interface folder are not touched.

The new file I have uploaded now is much, much cleaner, and contains only the one zip file. I was planning a mention of that macro, along with some other additions.

I started using! Not a huge difference, but as far as DPS is concerned, more is always better. In spite of my moderate gear, I evidently keep surprising others with my output grin.

Oh, I have very good help in Watcher , which I have set up with the priority suggested by Zehera.

Ah, well. Anyway, nice design for your new UI, Garwulf. But you may want to clean up the configuration files a bit — some of them are downright messy and full of irrelevant stuff — like several setups for other UI and a lot of different characters.

I use that and IceHUD with clean curves for unit frames. I followed the WoWInterface packaging instructions to the letter, even going a step further and omitting my config.

Let me know which specific files you accessed so that I have a reference point. Configuration files usually are a mess.

Some of them are clean, while others are not. As for the files related to each alt, recount. Cutting out the unnecessary profile info from the config files looks more daunting ;o I have tried it with e.

Dominos in order to copy the files to my other account with as little overhead as possible, but had to give up, as the file was extremely messy — far worse than SBF and such.

Thanks for the info Ping. I want the file and installation to be as clean as possible, but yeesh..! Is there a way to swap macros and bindings with the spec?

It is not the keybindings I want to swap, but the macros. All of my spec-specific abilities alternate on the same keys. For example, when I switch from SV to BM, the key for BA becomes the key for BW, Wyvern becomes Intimidation, etc….

For instance. As said by Raveniste, the! Nevermind i guess all the time i use throw i messed it up some how it was doing it like it should.

LOL i am such a noob. One tip for melee abilities. I like to use Wing Clip whenever posible in melee range, so made a macro like this:.

I just started a Rogue. Is there a way to make an auto throw marco — like the auto shot skill? The gear change only works out of combat, but I usually cast HM out of combat anyways so it works for me.

I was just playing around with some macros after adding the ones I wanted from this page, Very helpful by the way and came across one that I think a lot of hunters could use.

Mind you this only works with specific pets. In my case a crab, which is very popular anyway. This is terrific when facing a rogue.

As soon as they open on you, you will trinket their stun, use a pot to get your lost health back, your crab in this case will root the rogue, and you will be immune to damage.

The only thing you need to be aware of is your back facing the rogue. A simple mouse turn of degrees the instant you use it will get you facing the rogue so deterrence is effective.

Then you have a few seconds to either disengage, lay a couple traps, etc, whatever you need to do to prepare for the fight. If the rogue vanishes, at least you know he has burned his vanish, and CoS also if you mark him or sting him and now you have a chance to drop a flare and are aware of his presence.

Wanted to add that Kripparian has a great video dealing with Hunter macros, their usage and limitations. His tips gave me a great boost in DPS by eliminating lulls in my dps cycle by binding offensive skills to secondary or tertiatry abilities.

Great stuff! Wow, fantastic list here. Is there any way to fix t. You have done a great job on all the info. You got something to be proud of. A lot of other webs should take note!!

Info laid out nice and simple that direct to the point. I have gained almost 2k dps using this site and still gaining. Thank you Roach.

Forgive the possibly elementary question, but I have tried several variations of what I want to macro without success.

Thanks for these great macros and tips. I had been looking for a website like this ever since I returned to WoW. You are an asset to hunters everywhere and I appreciate all your efforts.

These macros have enhanced my gaming experience immensely and showed me how easily some of the problems I have had, like autoshooting fresh frozen warriors in BGs, can be overcome with a few simple line of text.

Hi I was just curious if it was possible to macro in melee abilities like Mongoose Bite into your Shots. That way if you are in melee range you will melee attack and if you are ranged you will fire a shot.

I know this is probably possible with Raptor Strike since it works off your next melee and I saw the macro for Wing Clip and Disengage which is helpful.

I just get so tired of ranged classes and melee classes getting close to me and not being able to get any shots off but not having melee abilities readily available.

Erst dann könnt ihr ihn herbeirufen, nachdem ihr ihn gezähmt habt. Genauere Details zu dieser Geisterbestie findet ihr in unserem Kurzguide für Gon, Fenryr und den verirrten spektralen Greif.

Gon findet ihr in Orgrimmar. Ähnlich wie der spektrale Greif müsst ihr ihn erst einmal herbeirufen, bevor ihr ihn zähmen könnt.

Das passiert über den Gegenstand Spektrale Eierschale , welche ihr im Tal der Geister bei den Koordinaten 36 69 findet. Dies ist eine leuchtende Eierschale, welche ihr anklicken und so Gon rufen könnt.

Genaue Details zu dieser Geisterbestie findet ihr in unserem Kurzguide für Gon, Fenryr und den verirrten spektralen Greif. Diese Farbvariante kommt zwei Mal im Spiel vor.

Zum einen könnt ihr einen Leylinienstreuner zähmen, oder einen Dickichtmanajäger. Beide Wildtiere sind in Suramar zuhause und können ab Stufe gezähmt werden.

Diese Farbvariante der Manasäbler ist nur über zwei seltene Wildtiere erhältlich. Beide halten sich ebenfalls in Suramar auf.

Myonix kann bereits auf Stufe gezähmt werden. Pashya hingegen erst ab Stufe Diese Farbe der Manasäbler ist die wohl am weitest verbreitetsten.

Ihr findet zahlreiche Exemplare in der Mondwachenfestung. Blitzpfote ist ein seltener Gegner, welcher sich in Düsterwald aufhält. Das Besondere an ihm?

Der Fuchs mit dem knisternden Aussehen hält sich in den Büschen versteckt. Ihr entdeckt ihn nur, wenn ihr ihm ganz nahe seid ihr hört dann das spezielle Geräusch vom Enttarnen von verstohlenen Gegnern oder aber Leuchtfeuer an der richtigen Stelle einsetzt.

Ihr erhaltet sämtliche Informationen zu dieser Geisterbestie und Tipps, wie ihr sie zähmt in unserem Guide zu Blitzpfote. Magria und Ankha halten sich beide im Hyjal auf.

Die Geisterkatzen streifen an der Flammenscheise von Westen nach Osten. Die blaue sowie grüne Geisterbestie wird nur dann auftauchen, wenn ihr so gut wie alle Quests in Hyjal erledigt habt.

Stellt also sicher, dass ihr diese Questreihe erfüllt habt, bevor ihr euch auf die Jagd nach Magria oder Ankha begebt. Ihr solltet übrigens vor dem Versuch, die Katzen zu zähmen, eure Rüstung ablegen.

Sie besitzen nämlich eine Fähigkeit, welche euch je nach angelegtem Rüstungswert ziemlich hohen Schaden zufügen.

Sie ist die einfachste Geisterkatze, die ihr suchen und zähmen könnt. Es gibt insgesamt fünf Spawnpunkte für Gondria in dem WotLK-Gebiet:.

Es gibt keine besonderen Voraussetzungen zu erfüllen. Ihr müsst lediglich Stufe 76 erreicht haben. Gara hält sich im Schattenmondtal in Draenor auf.

Allerdings ist der Wolf nicht direkt zu Beginn an zähmbar. Ihr müsst erst eine längere Reihe an Aufgaben erledigen, bis ihr eure Geisterbestie in den Stall bringen dürft.

Karoma ist im Schattenhochland anzutreffen. An sechs verschiedenen Orten kann dieser Wolf auftauchen. Ihr benötigt keine bestimmten Voraussetzungen, um Karoma zu zähmen.

Er hält sich vor allem im südöstlichen Teil der Zone auf. Skoll ist in den frostigen Hügeln der Sturmgipfel zu Hause. An drei verschiedenen Punkten kann dieser Wolf auftauchen.

Falls ihr ihn sucht, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall diese drei Orte abfliegen. Gumi hält sich im Kun-Lai-Gipfel auf. Nordwestlich von Einfass Koordinaten: 55 57 findet ihr das blaue Geisterstachelschwein.

Um ihn auf Stufe nicht zu töten, empfehlen wir das Ablegen eurer Ausrüstung sowie die Nutzung keiner Waffe. Gumi kann ab Stufe 90 gezähmt werden.

Das grüne Geisterstachelschwein Hutia findet ihr im Jadewald, genauer gesagt südöstlich vom Tiankloster Koordinaten: 49 Um sie auf Stufe nicht zu töten, empfehlen wir das Ablegen eurer Ausrüstung sowie die Nutzung keiner Waffe.

Hutia kann ab Stufe 90 gezähmt werden. Das rote Geisterstachelschwein Degu hält sich in der Krasarangwildnis auf. Er wandert zwischen der Donnerkluft und dem Refugium der Kranichschwingen von Osten nach Westen und wieder zurück.

Legt auf Stufe eure Ausrüstung ab und nutzt am besten keine Waffe, um ihn nicht zu töten. Arcturis erscheint nördlich der Ammertannhütte im Grizzlyhügel Koordinaten: 31 Ihr benötigt keine weiteren Voraussetzungen, um den Bär zu zähmen.

Ihr solltet allerdings Stufe 74 erreicht haben. Dadurch, dass er so hoch über der Erde fliegt, ist eine gute Positionierung eurerseits am sinnvollsten.

Stellt euch auf den Baum, der direkt hinter der Statue von Malorne steht. Fliegt ein Stück hoch, so dass er euch angreift und stellt ihn in die Eiskältefalle.

Schon könnt ihr den Vogel zähmen. Damit diese Geisterbestie überhaupt auf eurer Karte erscheint, müsst ihr übrigens einige Quests in Hyjal erledigen.

Startet einfach in Nordrassil mit den Questreihen des Gebietes. Ihr müsst Stufe 85 erreicht haben, um den Vogel zu zähmen.

Die ikonische Geisterkrabbe Geisterkrabbler Ghostcrawler findet ihr in den Abyssischen Tiefen. Ihr solltet euch auf jeden Fall ein Unterwasser-Reittier organisieren, bevor ihr euch auf die Suche nach dieser Geisterbestie begebt.

Shadowlands Pre-Patch Eine Übersicht zum Pre-Patch von Shadowlands Alle Infos zu Shadowlands und wie das Pre-Event abläuft. World of Warcraft Classic - Levelguides Krieger Paladin Jäger Schurke Priester Schamane Magier Hexenmeister Druide.

Der aktuelle WoW-Token Preis beläuft sich auf Zuletzt gepostet. WoW Wir verlosen zu Weihnachten coole Ingame-Goodies.

WoW Blizzard hat Festtagsangebote für World of Warcraft veröffentlicht. Winterhauchfest Das Winterhauchfest hat begonnen.

In unserem Guide gibt es alle wichtigen Details. WoW In Shadowlands holt ihr euch den Silberwindlarion, ein neues Reittier.

WoW Blizzard ermöglicht kostenlose Charaktertransfers von vollen Servern. WoW In Shadowlands könnt ihr euch eigene legendäre Gegenstände herstellen.

Gewinnspiel Wir haben mal wieder ein Gewinnspiel für euch. WoW In Shadowlands gibt es nach dem Erreichen von Stufe 60 einiges zu tun.

WoW Shadowlands Wir stellen euch den besten Pakt für eure Klasse vor.

Jäger Pet

Das Angebot von iTunes hnelt Jäger Pet von Amazon - die Preise Amazon Prime Serie nahezu identisch. - Normale Hunter Pets

In Eiskrone, Nordend, findet ihr untote Hunde die leuchtende Runen auf dem Fell haben Karte Eine Art Mastiff findet ihr in der Drachenöde, Nordend Karte Eine Übersicht alle zähmbaren Raptoren findet Mdr Mediathek.De bei WoWHead. Alle Begleiter für den Jäger aus World of Warcraft. Jäger können in WoW: Shadowlands ein einzigartiges Pet zähmen. Aber dafür haben sie nur eine einzige Chance – die will genutzt werden. Deshalb ein kleiner Reminder für Untote-Jäger. Blizzard bestätigt, dass die Verlassenen ab morgen untote Tiere als Begleiter zähmen können. Jäger zähmen nämlich Tiere und nehmen sie als Begleiter mit auf ihre Reisen. Aber das Ganze war in Classic noch eine völlig andere. Tötet dort Hohe Leerrufer und Hohe Leerenfürsten, bis Xan erscheint. Ihr solltet euch auf jeden Fall ein Unterwasser-Reittier organisieren, bevor ihr euch auf die Suche nach dieser Geisterbestie begebt. Wenn ihr Twd Staffel 8 Folge 16 Quest bereits abgeschlossen habt, dann müsst ihr euch an einen Nachtfae-Spieler wenden, der die Quest noch offen hat.


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